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Kommentare: 161
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    slave girl agnes (Samstag, 24 Februar 2018 05:22)

    As my husband can't come and submit i become really Your slave and property Goddess. Do with me all You want please, i swear to obey.

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    slave alain (Samstag, 03 Februar 2018 11:47)

    Goddess PUNJABI has the most beautiful Feet in Universe. They are treasures, jewels best than the best diamonds. I bow down before Her Majesty for ever

  • #159

    anand1073 (Samstag, 27 Januar 2018 18:44)

    My wife ll sit everyday on her knees and ll serve the PG feet. it would be good luck of my wife if PG slaps her...She must know that she is just equal to pinky toe of PG. .

  • #158

    anand 1073 (Donnerstag, 07 Dezember 2017 17:51)

    I and my wife will serve the goddess full life....And obey all her orders....Like her personal slaves....I ll tell my wife to do regular pedicure of PG...So that whole world worship PG feet....
    my wife will daily suck PG toes and lick the feet to make them clean....

  • #157

    anand 1073 (Donnerstag, 07 Dezember 2017 17:40)

    Super heels....It is a treat for the slaves of the goddess....All slaves r ready for the orders of the goddess....All wants to lick her new heels.....

  • #156

    Amit Nayer (Donnerstag, 07 Dezember 2017 17:39)

    If she start domination , i am sure with in one week more than 10000 slave request will come to her. Please give my greeting to PG from Montreal.

  • #155

    Adi Sharma (Samstag, 25 November 2017 18:15)

    Her sandals are incredibly pretty and her soles are incredibly dirty. Would love to eat that french fry and lick on those dirty soles until they are spotlessly clean. I also want to get kicked with those heels until I cry.
    I especially loved the part when you both were walking together side by side and the sound her heels were making on the floor. I could almost imagine being on the floor waiting to serve you both as you came back from a hot date. Getting hit and kicked by the guy and licking her heel soles.

  • #154

    Duane Stephens (Dienstag, 21 November 2017 18:15)

    well I could go on and on and on. I love all of your videos. Even if it's just some simple shoe play or it's your beautiful toes playing with someone's lips LOL I love how you can spread your toes would have been nice to see you pinch his nose lol I'm definitely an admirer

  • #153

    James Brown (Dienstag, 21 November 2017 18:04)

    Omg she has some amazing gorgeous natural long toenail beds especially her big juicy long toenail beds I'll suck them all night to baby.
    Women with pretty, beautiful pedicure feet and pretty natural long toenail beds every man's weakness ladies.

  • #152

    Speed Bump (Dienstag, 14 November 2017 06:50)

    PG's feet are exquisite and worthy of being worshipped and pampered. Her most excellent feet require and deserve only the very best. I love them.

  • #151

    Fuse Beatz (Dienstag, 14 November 2017 06:30)

    i really LOVE this PG's feet and awesome sexy shoes.. hope to be under these table and kiss them lick them and pamper them.. i would lick & clean those HOT shoes.. one day..

  • #150

    Daniel Scott (Dienstag, 14 November 2017)

    I'd love to dine with you both, the two of you seated at the table whilst I'd be under the table worshiping her feet, or knelt beside her licking the sole of her shoe.
    OMG :O Ok, I would have big time got on my knees and begged to suck on her toes if I was there. Sooooo many people walking by but I wouldn't care, my desire to have my lips and tongue on her Goddess feet is great than the feat of embarrassment.

  • #149

    arturo valencia (Dienstag, 14 November 2017 06:21)

    Delicious toes, I can lick and suck them for hours! Sexy heels!
    Love to kiss her feet.

  • #148

    Duane Stephens (Dienstag, 14 November 2017 06:19)

    One of the luckiest guys in the world to have such beautiful delicate toes rubbing all over his lips I would pay just to breathe in the scent of her beautiful feet. If I could just take a deep breath while her foot is ever so close to my face I would be an extreme heaven. The thought of her slipping her shoes off right next to my face and giving me permission to breathe in her sweaty foot scent would be absolutely amazing. I could only be lucky enough if she allowed me to lick between her toes and suck all of that sweaty salty taste off of her gorgeous little toes I would give anything in the world to be her shoe for an entire day just to feel her warm sweaty feet and her toes wiggling

  • #147

    Rahul Dhiman (Samstag, 09 September 2017 18:42)

    Can i drink water from your shoes. The goddess of world.

  • #146

    anand1073 (Samstag, 09 September 2017 18:37)

    I want to lick these soles and suck these heels....PG is the best...

  • #145

    newbie3161 (Samstag, 09 September 2017 18:35)

    Yet another pair of shoes that demand to be worshipped. I bow down at Goddess' feet and beg to be allowed the honour of licking her shoes and sucking on her heels and if deemed worthy enough, to kiss her feet.

  • #144

    Manzoor Niaz (Donnerstag, 07 September 2017 18:38)

    You made my day friend. Prominent strap marks on her tender feet are eye catching. Would love to massage and lick her Sweet feet.
    High heels have their own elegance.
    The woman folk owe a lot to the man who invented high heels....

  • #143

    nillagiri (Donnerstag, 07 September 2017 18:34)

    I was not able either to watch or worship goddess divine feet for a couple of days coz of the hurricane Harvey, we were moved to different place coz of the mandatory evacuation.

    wow!! PG mam's feet look so soft and clean may be she had a pedicure just b4 the shoot,i am so sad she trimmed her pointy nails on her big toe, This sandals looks like the crown of a roman emperor!!!

  • #142

    nillagiri (Donnerstag, 07 September 2017 18:32)

    who selected these black sandals PG mam or u? best match on her feet perfect height and I think this will enhance the beauty of her feet, look at the contour of her feet on this sexy sandal. ummma!!
    she rotates the toe ring with the toes ,she got amazing talented toes!!
    I wish if she trample the tip of my tongue and ear lobes by the pointy heels of this black sexy sandals!

  • #141

    Manzoor Niaz (Donnerstag, 07 September 2017 18:24)

    Your gf has some rare feet my friend.
    Want to sniff & lick her feet before hitting the bed. Her feet smell a sniff of pure cocaine.... one sniff will take me to a deep slumber....

  • #140

    anand 1073 (Mittwoch, 06 September 2017 09:16)

    It is true...No Bollywood actresses r comparable with PG....Name an actress ...PG is a goddess ....For me and for all her slaves.... #realgoddess #bestfeet #mygoddess

  • #139

    fred bloggs (Mittwoch, 06 September 2017 08:56)

    There is only 1 PG. She is HERE on this channel.

  • #138

    The Cave (Mittwoch, 06 September 2017 08:37)

    Woooooowwwww delicious !!!! Beautiful!!!! Beautiful !!!! They are perfect!!!! They are the most delicious feet in the world, I would give everything to kiss them and adore them, I love them !!!!!!!!!!

  • #137

    newbie3161 (Mittwoch, 30 August 2017 19:01)

    Damn! So sexy. I would give anything to be her footstool. Just need to decide which way ... Face down on the ground, her heel on my head, or face up, heel and sole on my face. I think I would prefer the latter, that way I would have opportunity to lick Goddess' shoes as well while she crushed my face.
    Ultimately the choice would be hers

  • #136

    Rahul Dhiman (Donnerstag, 24 August 2017 18:42)

    Hi. My name is Rahul
    U r the most beautiful feet goddess and having the best videos till the time. The shoes which u are showing in ur videos are the best one I ever seen in my life. I wish to be work with u at any of the cost.
    And if u really wana make ur temple then i will do something for u in that case. U can charge devotees for the same and i will manage all the things for u.
    It was not a concern of temple if u allow to be worshipped from anyone then it was the place of worshippers or a particular place where u can b worshiped. That place was also taken as ur shoe store where anyone can take the chance to buy ur divine sandals

    Please think a while over it 

  • #135

    God is the master (Donnerstag, 24 August 2017 18:33)

    her feet deserves my tongue

  • #134

    Abraham T (Donnerstag, 24 August 2017 18:32)

    The most delicious and graceful Indian feet and anklets. #respect the women and her feet.

  • #133

    anand 1073 (Donnerstag, 24 August 2017 18:29)

    PG feet r perfect....only goddess in this world. .kala Tikka laga ke rakha karo pairo par...kisi ki Nazar naa Lage.... everyone is failed in front of PG...missed her sweet voice in this video.....lots of kisses on her all toes....

  • #132

    nillagiri (Freitag, 18 August 2017 19:18)

    OH! ITS MY privilege to dust and polish her heels everyday,i don't want any slave other than me to do it.My prime aim is to become her slave number 1 !!!!!!!

  • #131

    Namen Charlie (Freitag, 18 August 2017 19:11)

    I love your feet very much.I wanna lick and lick everyday.i wanna drink your pee and eat your shit like delicious food..i wanna be your slave forever..please call me your slave.

  • #130

    william videos (Donnerstag, 17 August 2017 19:07)

    U always have good taste picking out sexy shoes this is why I love to buy them and smell and lick them clean

  • #129

    Hahji Baba (Donnerstag, 17 August 2017 19:03)

    I surrender to them!!!! I have watched quite a few videos of her feet for a while now and now I have finally broken down. This is the best video of her feet EVER. From 1:22 - 1:49 (the way she moved her toes and the beautiful sound of them and the spread) I realized that I really do love her feet and toes. I surrender. THANK YOU punjabi goddess!

  • #128

    Daniel Scott (Donnerstag, 17 August 2017 19:03)

    I want to be under them Sir, my face used as a foot rest for her divine superior feet. I imagine having the heel digging into my face would hurt but I wouldn't move as Punjabi Goddess's comfort means more than my own. I'd put up with the pain. I can also imagine you coming up close to film and capturing a tear trickle out of my eye as the pressure of her heel pressing into my face becomes too unbearable.
    I knelt literally for the whole duration. imagining myself having the job to lick the sweat off the soles of her feet and toes straight after the shoe comes off.

  • #127

    an dec (Donnerstag, 17 August 2017)

    Those perfect toes, I need to meet her. I just wanna suck her toes so bad. She is my foot goddess and I wanna be here footslave. How much does she charge for sessions? I can't resist her any longer. I need to taste her perfect Indian feet.

  • #126

    anand 1073 (Donnerstag, 17 August 2017 18:12)

    One of the Best video....feet look heels r very sexy....close up of soul of sandles is amazing....I`ll lick her sandles soul....close up of high heel is out of this world.....bus heels much vich paa leniyan ne....sari umar puja karni Hai PG di.....toes r best. .feet r perfect.... nail paint I like the most ...I want to spend my life in her feet....

  • #125

    Ner Spin (Samstag, 12 August 2017 01:02)

    I lick your soles goddess

  • #124

    f f (Samstag, 12 August 2017)

    goddess I would love to be trampled and gagged by you.

  • #123

    Vinith Kumar (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:44)

    really those toes need to be worshiped

  • #122

    Ft Slv (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:38)

    Love her feet i bet they taste as good as they look�

  • #121

    anand 1073 (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:34)

    New sandals..With heels...First time shot...What is heel size ...Pl tell. ..What she showed her soles.
    She looks very dominating....Demanding everyone to lick the soles...I think she is unaware of this thing...
    PG feet r most beautiful feet with best toes.... Painted toes r awesome....u r lucky that u r getting kisses on these feet everyday..

  • #120

    Nisha Sharma (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:23)

    damn now i am speechless. This lady really knows how make a person numb. muuuah. sexy as hell.
    wish i could clean them with my very tongue.
    adding futher, love those leggings as well.
    they are just wow. my mind is blown away. can't get sexier than this. sexy heels and sexy leggings.

  • #119

    Egg Fgg (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:18)

    I want to lick your s feet ������

  • #118

    f f (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:16)

    oh you should make a trampling video ! btw love your feet goddess would worship 24/7

  • #117

    David Muet (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 21:14)

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow !!!!!! Those sandals ARE SO GORGEOUS !!!! My favorite I think !!!! and the polishnail synchro with the silver color... Lucky guy !!!!!! Thanks fort this !!!!! Kiss on her pretty toes :)

  • #116

    The Cave (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 20:41)

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....
    So beautiful!!!!!!!!....
    How much would it cost to kiss them ???? ....
    How much????....

  • #115

    Nijjar Jaspreet (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 20:37)

    hhii kine vadiya peir aa ji krda har time ena peira ch rha our tvde peira nu saaf kra ta chtta

  • #114

    anand 1073 (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 20:32)

    Silver color looks best on her toes...I want to kiss each toe... Thousands of kisses on PG beautiful silver toes....

  • #113

    Daniel Scott (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 20:31)

    I wish I was laying on the floor with her foot on my face, like pressing down hard, pinning me to the ground.

  • #112

    I love woman's feet I love sucking woman's toes (Donnerstag, 10 August 2017 20:25)

    I'd love 2 lick her feet and suck her painted toes