These videos are to be always on top, because they are the beginning and the reason,

why I became an obediently serving slave of the goddess beautiful feet!

You can also see these videos an much more of them, just klicking on "more goddess videos".

Enjoy. :-)

It was not difficult to become a slave of the goddess feet. It was simply, to kneeling down and swearing submissive loyalty to them. (This is what I did last year). But I think, it would be difficult to attain my freedom again, because only the goddess feet can give it to me. And this is impossible because they didn´t know anything about my existence (and who knows, if they knew about me, maybe they would keep me as their own little obedient slave anyway).
Thus I think, I must serve them forever and I have to wait in attentive devotion for there divine commands. Until this awaited day, I will serve them by maintaining this worshipping-Website for the wonderful goddess beautiful feet.

Now you know about my wonderful, exciting destiny!

And now, let´s go on... :-)


The goddess beautiful feet in so lovely flipflops.  *Wonderful!*


The goddess beautiful feet in golden sandals.